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Pen to Print: Beginners Playwriting Classes


February 9


06:30 pm - 08:30 pm

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Pen to Print

Playwright Lucy Kaufman guides you through all the vital aspects of writing a play, from the initial idea to the finished play on the stage.

Session Six: What is said and not said

How dialogue is (almost) everything in plays. How to write good, purposeful dialogue, and identify and avoid bad dialogue. Writing dialogue which fits the character. Introduction to subtext, the greatest tool in a playwright’s toolbox.

Course Outline:

This comprehensive 11-month course guides the aspiring playwright through all the basic and most important aspects of playwriting, from generating ideas and creating characters, to structuring a story for the stage. Each workshop explores one or more aspects in depth, including creating conflict and drama, developing themes and message, engaging your audience throughout, how to format a play as a written script, and writing sparkling, purposeful dialogue which leaps off the page.

The course combines theory with practical advice and first-hand experience, covering all lengths of plays as well as writing speeches and monologues. Participants are encouraged to create work which will be producible by theatres in the real world. The workshops include written exercises alongside engagement with published texts and performed plays.

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NB: To make the most of the Beginners Playwriting Classes with Lucy Kaufman, please ensure that you book your place and that you are prepared to attend all the available sessions, there are 11 monthly sessions in total.

Tickets will be released in three-month blocks for the remaining dates:

  • 1 December 2021
  • 12 January 2022
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  • 9 March 2022
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  • 11 May 2022
  • 8 June 2022
  • 6 July 2022
  • Booking is essential. Pen to Print and our partners reserve the right to remove participants who are found not to have booked a place for a session.
  • This course is intended for those who have not attended a Pen to Print playwriting writing course before.
  • If you have previously attended the Beginners Playwriting Classes, we recommend participants book the Advanced Playwriting Classes with Lucy Kaufman.
  • Pen to Print and our partners reserve the right to unenroll you from one or both courses, if you are found to have booked places on both courses.
  • Pen to Print and our partners reserve the right to remove participants who are disruptive to a session.
  • Pen to Print and our partners reserve the right to unenroll a participant from a course and explore an alternative approach to supporting them on their writing journey, if we feel that a class is unsuitable for that participant.