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Pen to Print: How to Edit Your Own Work with Scott Pack


February 16


06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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Pen to Print

So, you’ve written your manuscript. That first draft is done. Congratulations. But what happens next?

How do you turn a story that contains some rough sections, a few plot holes and characters that need fleshing out into a polished finished manuscript, something that could be submitted to agents, publishers, websites, competitions or magazines?

Publishing veteran Scott Pack, who has edited hundreds of books during his career, will share his expertise and advice to help you edit your own work as professionally as possible. From big picture overviews – plot and story, world-building, character etc. – to sentence level detail, he will cover pretty much everything you need to know in order to knock your work into shape.

This workshop will be particularly helpful if you have completed writing a book or story, but will also be of use if you have a work-in-progress and want to plan ahead for the next stages.

Scott Pack has spent 20 years in the book world. During that time, he has been Head of Buying for Waterstones, worked for publishers big and small – including a lengthy spell at HarperCollins. He is currently editor-at-large at Eye & Lightning Books, associate lecturer at Oxford Brookes University and one of the question setters for BBC’s Mastermind. His latest book, Tips from a Publisher, is out now!


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