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Media Pack, Write On! 6 – Out 28th October

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  • By using Write On! and our online Write On! Extra to build your business you are giving new voices the chance to be heard beyond the confines of expectations set by geography, culture and gender.
  • Our diverse editorial team will help you communicate what it is you have to offer to local and writing communities, putting strong communicational building blocks in place you can use again and again.
  • Your commercial support will help to build Write On! page count and distribution, allowing us to be inclusive of  an ever-growing talent pool, no matter where it’s from.
  • Please check the FEATURES LIST in the media pack.
  • Edition 6 out 28th October
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Write On! 6, out 28th October

Theme– A Kaleidoscope Of Colours (Online Advertising Only)

Write On! offers advertisers and partners a way to engage with an exciting new readership. Much of this engagement comes from the launch of our daily digest for unprecedented times.

Write On! Extra was launched early April due to circumstances surrounding lockdown and content for Write On! 5 was based on posts from Season 1 (April-July).  Write On! 6 is drawn directly from the digital content published from August onwards.  In another departure from the previous issues, because all distribution points, including libraries have been shut for most of the year, this Special Edition will be a 48 page bumper issue, incorporating Write On! Issues 4,5 and 6.

Please note, advertising will not be possible in the physical edition this time. We are delighted, though, to be able to offer online advertising opportunities. Over the last six months our engaged users have numbered over 13,000. With interaction growing steadily, advertisers such as Penguin and Writers’ And Artists’ (Bloomsbury) have been able to find a new audience.

If you like what you see, get in touch with or for information as to how to grow your business and support a great initiative into the bargain.

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