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Pen to Print: An Introduction to Audio Drama with Alternative Stories


January 20


06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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Pen to Print

This workshop will offer a brief introduction to audio drama for those interested in working in the medium.

The Pen to Print Audio Play Competition in partnership with Alternative Stories is now open for entries. Click here for full details.

In this workshop, Chris Gregory will offer an overview of writing for audio drama looking at techniques, dialogue, writing sound and stage directions and offering advice on working with actors, sound designers and musicians to bring your story to life. We’ll look at the different types of audio drama including episodic, and serial dramas and radio plays Including practical exercises, some clips from actual Alternative Stories Productions as well as insight from professional voice actors about what they like to see from audio drama scripts.

Finally, we’ll conclude with a section on getting your script produced and how to disseminate it through podcasting. This section will also cover pitching your drama to radio and production companies.

Write On! Audio is the new podcast ‘For Writers Everywhere’ in partnership with Alternative Stories.

Click here to enjoy Pen to Print and Write On! Audio Podcasts, featuring our own writers and partners.

Booking is essential. Pen to Print and our partners reserve the right to remove participants who are found not to have booked a place for this session.

We encourage all participants to keep their cameras on during the session.

Pen to Print and our partners reserve the right to remove participants who are disruptive to a session.

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