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Barking and Dagenham Libraries

Pen to Print in Barking and Dagenham Libraries

Pen to Print was founded by Barking and Dagenham Libraries in 2014. Our programme continues to be delivered in library locations and our office is based in Dagenham Library Community Hub. We thought you would like to know a bit more about the wider services you can find in our locations.

For the latest information about Library and Community Hubs in Barking & Dagenham please visit:

Library Opening Hours

Barking Learning Centre Community Hub 9am to 7pm 9am to 7pm 9am to 7pm 9am to 7pm 9am to 5pm 9am to 5pm 10am to 4pm
Dagenham Library Community Hub 9am to 7pm 9am to 7pm 9am to 7pm 9am to 7pm 9am to 5pm 9am to 5pm Closed
Marks Gate Community Hub 9am to 5pm 9am to 5pm 9am to 5pm 9am to 5pm 9am to 5pm Closed Closed
Robert Jeyes Community Library 10am to 5pm 10am to 5pm 10am to 5pm 10am to 5pm Closed Closed Closed
Thames Community Hub 9am to 5pm 9am to 5pm 9am to 5pm Closed 9am to 5pm Closed Closed
Valence Library 10am to 5pm 10am to 7pm 10am to 5pm 10am to 5pm Closed 10am to 4pm Closed


It is free to join the library and you can join form birth.

If you’re not a member of the library, you can join the library online.

Book loans

You can request items for loan online using the library catalogue. We will contact you to let you know when you can collect your items.

Library services include:

  • browsing the shelves
  • books in other languages
  • audio books
  • large print books
  • PC access
  • study space
  • printed newspapers
  • public toilets
  • events and regular programmes in the building
  • room hire

Library members can access our Online Library Services and Resources 24/7 via mobile apps and online. If you need assistance with your library membership, please email If you’re not a member of the library, you can join the library online.

Libraries on the Go

Take the library and its online resources with you via the web, or free Smartphone Apps:

The Libraries Consortium

We are a member of the The Libraries Consortium (TLC). By joining the library, you also have full membership rights to libraries in these local authorities (subject to terms in each local authority). The information you supply will also be shared with the other authorities in the TLC for the provision of library services.

Local Libraries in Barking and Dagenham

If you’re not sure where your local library is, simply type your postcode into find your nearest Library or Community Hub in Barking & Dagenham to see what’s in your area.

Our libraries offer a range of other activities are open to all, at the moment we are hosting these activities online.

See our Library and Community Hub events

The Home Library Service

Barking and Dagenham Library and Community Hubs can deliver collections of books, audio books or music to anyone who is home-restricted because of age or disability (long or short term).

We visit you to find out what kind of books and music you enjoy and what format of books you prefer.

This can be:

  • audio books
  • large print
  • paperback books
  • hardback books

All the services are free to the user.

The collections are delivered monthly and requests are taken for particular titles or subjects.

Care Homes and Sheltered Housing

We also provide collections of books to care homes and sheltered housing in the borough.

These collections are changed on a regular basis.

Sign-up for the Service

You can find out more about this service at any local library or by calling 020 8724 8532 or emailing

Young People's Library Services

National Shelf Service
A YouTube broadcast running Monday to Friday at 11am each day, helping children and families discover new, diverse reading experiences with books recommended by librarians.

Local Library and Community Hubs in the borough have a wide range of books and materials for children of all ages, including:

There are activities and events for all ages held regularly, including during the school holidays.

Children of all ages are welcome to join a library. If you’re aged 15 and under, a parent or guardian’s signature is required. Proof of ID and address of guarantors are also required.

To find about more of the services for Children and Young People CLICK HERE

Library Volunteers

Volunteers are essential in helping to provide an important service for the community. They bring new skills, experience and enthusiasm to enhance the Library Service and Pen to Print. Not only will you be helping your community, you’ll also find it rewarding and a great way to meet people, develop and learn new skills.


  • helping Pen to Print develop services and run events and classes
  • helping at library events and activities
  • helping a child with their reading
  • helping an older person to use a computer



  • you’ll meet new people and could gain new skills
  • we provide support and any training necessary for your role

CLICK HERE to find out how you can volunteer for Pen to Print and Libraries

CLICK  HERE to sign up as a volunteer