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Posts For Unprecedented Times

by Madeleine White

(Twitter/Instagram: @madeleinefwhite)

It’s been a cold, dry April here in the UK and I, for one, am looking forward to a better May. Whether you’re in east London, or in rather more tropical climes, or even, like me next to the sea somewhere, you will have felt the wind of change blowing rather more strongly of late. However, despite the difficulties facing us in the ‘real’ world, the worlds of our imagination and the words we use to conjure these different places will always be on tap for us writers, as long as we have skill and courage to use them. Oh, and a little magic dust, in the form of inspiration!

Out Now!

That is, of course, where Write On! comes in. Here on Write On! Extra regular reading and writing centred posts from myriad perspectives will keep you on track, while and our lovely print magazine Write On! – the hot-off-the-press Issue 12 – explores nature in all its glory and what it means to us writers. This bumper edition explores how we see nature: through poetry in particular, but, as ever, we also have some fabulous prose and features to make you think. We hope you enjoy it – you may even be inspired to contribute!


Last, but not least, the Write On! Audio podcast allows you to connect to writer role models, ideas, original writing and an engaged community through your headphones and listening devices as well.

I’m also so proud of the partnerships we have built and the connections we have forged. We are working with organisations such as the Royal Society Of Literature, The London Library, The Wilbur And Niso Smith Foundation, Bloomsbury and Penguin to bring you the best of what’s out there. With that in mind, I am delighted to introduce The Libraries Unlimited ‘What If You Spoke’ competition winners, a team of young writers from Devon. Not only are they our Showcase Editors for May, they also  have their own eight-page special in our 24 page print magazine, Issue 12.

Our lead interview is with the seminal poet and RSL Chair Daljit Nagra who discusses ‘the Nature of Us,’ with Write On! regular, Juneha Chowdhury (you can also listen to this through April’s edition of the Write On! Audio podcast). Other great pieces include a Spotlight on creative consciousness by Michelle Sutton, Expert advice from Mab Jones and Jonathan Hirons and the Big Debate by Charis Odoki, Responsibility vs Entertainment – asking whether a writer can deliver both.

Cover Write On! 13
Write On! 13, Out 29 June

I do also hope you like the cover of issue 13, shared with you here. It’s out on 29 June and features and exclusive interview with Patrice Lawrence MBE, YA writer extraordinaire!

In the meantime, please join us on Write On! Extra over the coming month by enjoying some of the fabulous work we are able to showcase, thanks to your submissions.  The wonderful image ‘Roses’ (see below) has been sent in by Dr Afsana Elanko and will be featured by Eithne on her Thoughtful Tuesday page this month.

As ever, there are plenty of opportunities to contribute and you’ll find information on how to do so below.


Write On! Audio, the podcast ‘For Writers Everywhere’

The current episode (eight) of  Write On! Audio, the podcast ‘For Writers Everywhere’ includes: An ‘Inspirational Moment’ of poetry from Lauren Michelle, , ‘Writing Tips’ from author Stewart Rosst, an interview with the amazing Daljit Nagra, and the Listener Contribution comes from Maltese poet Nicole Piscopo. The April  ‘Showcase’ is presented by the Write Back youth Storytellers and features: Chameleon by Toki read by Holly Skinner, Unwanted Noise by Emanuel Oreyeni read by the author, Period by Hazel read by Holly Skinner

Episode nine (out on 31 May) includes writing tips from author Erin Kelly, an interview with Jane Corry and Listener Contribution from poet and artist Danny Baxter. The Showcase is brought to you by Libraries Unlimited.

Created in partnership with the award-winning Alternative Stories podcast, you can find us on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Podchaser and many more. Just type pen to print into your browser and look for our logo. Alternatively, find us via our Anchor FM hosting site, which links you to our content on a variety of podcast platforms. Do subscribe!

Write On! Audio can be accessed here.

Published And Coming Up

We start the month with Monday Moments, out on the second of May. Holly King explores ‘ Making It Up’ and how we play with words. The page includes a piece by Julie Dexter on OuLiPo a form of poetry that somehow retains the sense of what you are trying to say while completely jumbling the words.

(c) Afsana Elanko, 2022

Eithne Cullen’s Thoughtful Tuesdays  is out on May 10 and focusses on how words help us see the world.  It includes a short story by Jo Renton and information about Barking’s Talking Newspaper. The fabulous image by Afsana Elanko, is drawn from this page.

The first Showcase of the month is Wednesday, fourth May. All the May showcases will be edited by ‘What If You Spoke’ Libraries Unlimited competition winners. These young writers will be including their own writing and some superb pieces from our submissions folder.

In Thursday Connectors, out on Thursday 19 May, Farzana Hakim shares her worry around children’s exams and what the future might hold. Linked to Mental Health Awareness Week, we connect with Gertcha Cowson, Diane Mangal and Ray Miles. Though full of hope, yet laced with questions and uncertainty and drawbacks…. stresses we can all relate to.

Our regular Friday Features include our usual mixture of writing support, as well as something to make you think. Leigh Turner, former British Ambassador to Austria,  tells us about the art of diplomacy and how it informed his debut novel, Palladium and Claire Buckle tells us about giving short story workshops on a cruise and we also meet Abiodun Abdul who reports from a conference around raising awareness for inclusion and diversity in publishing.

Saturday Spotlight, at the end of the month, features new launches from traditional publishers and small presses, as well as indie authors. Do send us information on your new release. If you have one coming up, we’d love to hear from you.

Our weekly Sunday Interviews showcase a range of talent. The May Write On! Extra line-up includes Jennifer Langer, founder of ‘Exiled Writers’ and Alex Davis, a writing tutor and creator of a number of writing events, including Edge Lit.

Finally, our April Writer Of The Month is Mary Walsh, award-winning poet and Write On! regular. The page, out on 23rd May, is introduced by H.B.O’Neill.

I do hope all this gets you to put pen to paper. And don’t forget, we also welcome other creative work, including illustrations. I wish you a truly creative May!

More About Us

Write On! is a quarterly magazine published by Pen to Print and its sister, the online Write On! Extra and has been created to encourage established and emerging writers to come together around the following ideals: Publishing lies at an intersection of entertainment, information and education and is the method by which we record our shifting culture. You can find out more about how to get involved as a writer, creative, partner or advertiser through Write On! Together.

Write On! Audio, the podcast ‘For Writers Everywhere’  connects emerging and established writers to each other, the publishing industry and a wider audience in an audio celebration of diversity, originality and excellence.

OUT NOW, Write On! Issue 12 includes our lead interview with Daljit Nagra, but also features Charis Odoki, a young writer from Exeter, who investigates a writer’s responsibility in ‘The Big Debate’ and the Write Back! group of youth storytellers shares free postcards for the London-distributed magazines. This fabulous group of young people are also editors of the ‘Destination Barking And Dagenham’ page. They interview Joseph Namy, an artist and driving force behind the Becontree Broadcasting Station. Columnist HB O’Neill continues the local focus with his ‘Local Flavour’ page, bringing a wry twinkle to some creative initiatives in the Borough.

You can see all our issues on our magazines page. Physical copies of issue 12 have been distributed to libraries and other centres that are open across east London, Kent, Exeter and Essex. To get more information about Write On! and Write On! Extra and to take advantage of some great digital advertising opportunities, please see our Media Pack. You’ll be part of the Write On! family; one that includes Penguin Books  and The Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook. So far, more than 72,000 of you have engaged with us online, as readers and contributors, from the UK, but also 192 other countries.

Your Writing

Write On! accepts written pieces (prose, poetry, essays, opinion), video or spoken extracts/ snapshots, illustrations and artwork. Due to an unprecedented number of interview and features submissions, we are planning for both from July 2022 onwards. Do remember, if you have a features idea, you may be interested in recording it for Write On! Audio. Get in touch to discuss, if this appeals!

Depending on content and theme, your work will be featured in one of the following ways:

Monday Moments – Stories and experiences drawn from myriad perspectives. Fresh and engaging; a real ‘magazine’ feel. (1st Monday of the month)

Thoughtful Tuesdays – Mindfulness, inspiration, poetry, quotes and ideas shared to create leadership and hope, to see us through the week. (2nd Tuesday of the month)

Write On! Showcase – This creative writing showcase includes poetry, short stories, flash fiction and book extracts. Although most will reflect the seasonal theme, some work, such as memoirs or book extracts, offer a non-themed perspectives also. (Weekly)

Thursday Connectors – Everyone and everywhere has different experiences and different ways of dealing with these strange times. This internationally-flavoured page is all about people and their experiences, connecting us with ideas and ideals, reaching out from east London to encompass the UK and the world at large. (3rd Thursday of the month)

Write On! Features – Essays, opinions and features. In Write On! Extra, we focus on topics relevant to publishing and writing arenas, but also include wider content to encompass thinking and ideas relevant to our times. (Weekly)

Saturday Spotlight – Spotlight offers a round-up of indie, traditional and small press releases, bringing readers an overview of what can be found on digital and physical shelves. (Monthly)

Write On! Interviews – This Sunday profile opportunity features writers, publishers, editors, agents and other creatives, along with individuals from diverse communities in a number of different occupations. (Weekly)

Write On! Audio – The new podcast ‘For Writers Everywhere’ connects emerging and established writers to each other and the industry. There is an opportunity to submit to our Listener Contribution Slot, as well as record your creative work and any tips and feature ideas you might have. See our pilot episode for tips on ‘how to’. (Monthly)

Please do continue to submit your work. Our aim remains the same: bringing people together to share their experience, strength and hope, as well as having a bit of a laugh!

How To Submit:
Season Theme (up until end of June): Mind Your Language: Words And How We Use Them
  • Creative prose submissions should be between 800 and 1000 words and, if possible, fit the seasonal theme.
  • Poetry can be as short as necessary, but no longer than 1000 words.
  • Features can be longer, up to 2000 words, but preferably between 1000-1500. It’s best to send your feature/essay ideas through initially, so we can finalise the topic together.
  • Write On! Audio Listener Contribution Slot. See our pilot episode for tips on ‘how to’. Listener Contributions should not be longer than six minutes and should include a brief introduction to you.


Any contributions should include an image of the writer and any copyright-free images you would like us to use (adhering to our submission guidelines) that illustrate your work. Write On! Extra is also happy to accept video or audio content. Please include contact details and any relevant social media IDs, such as Twitter or Facebook. Submit via our Submit To Write On! page.  Further guidance can be found on the themed pages. All submissions are subject to  Pen to Print terms and conditions and can also be held in reserve until such time as publication opportunities arise, which may well be several months after the initial submission.

(SUBMISSION DEADLINES – Please feel free to submit to the overarching theme, ‘Nature, Inspiring Creativity: Past, Present And Future.’ up until the end of March. After that you may wish to consider ideas around ‘ Mind Your Language – Words And How We Use Them.’)

We invite local people get in touch, as well as those who have something to say from further afield. We also welcome partnership discussions with organisations wishing to contribute, so the voices of their beneficiaries and teams can be heard. Details will be published on

Our culture is shifting – therefore, the worlds we create don’t  just serve us, but serve to inspire others as well. Make a difference to your community from your own four walls and get creating and writing!


The views and opinions expressed in individual articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Write On! or Pen to Print. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information supplied, Write On! Extra cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the consequences of error, or for any loss or damage suffered by users of any of the information published on any of these pages. All facts and dates are correct at the time of publication.

We’re delighted to be sharing some wonderful work around 'Mind Your Language: Words And How We Use Them' This season’s theme is shared through the online Write On! Extra pages and the Write On! Audio podcast.