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Competitions 2021

The Pen to Print Competitions for 2021 Are Now Open!

Competitions are now open to new entries. Details of all of the Pen to Print competitions, how to enter and T&Cs can be found here on our website, go to Do you fancy having a go at writing a novel? Do you prefer keeping it brief and write short stories? Are you ...

Pen to Print Awards

The Pen to Print Awards 2020 – Competition Results

By Lena Smith, Library Project Manager - London Borough of Barking & Dagenham. The Pen to Print Awards are our annual celebration of Pen to Print’s work where we announce the winners of our competitions. The Pen to Print Awards 2020, were postponed from June 2020 and we were pleased to ...


Chrismas Eve Memories And Greetings

By Lena Smith It is almost here, Christmas Day! Just one more sleep. Today, I'm reflecting on an especially important day for my family and, how events of 100 years ago, seem to resonate with what has been happening in 2020. Christmas Eve has always been a poignant time of the year for ...


Black History Month 2020

Pen to Print is gearing up for another Black History Month in times that are more challenging than we would have ever thought 12 months ago! It has always been our aim to give a voice to those from minority and underrepresented communities and at this time of year our work becomes ...