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The door slowly opened and revealed the scene beyond 3...2...1... Then it happened To save his life he would have to kill She opened her handbag and tipped the contents on the floor It had been 30 years since they had ventured down this road She couldn't believe it, the stranger was the man of her dreams What was the adage, never work with children or animals He waited until her husband left the room The colour drained from his face when he looked at the phone, she watched as he left the room, smiling Joy, oh joy she had never imagined it could be like this As they took in the scene from the penthouse they saw the city lights go out block by block The Aston Martin pulled up and the tinted window wound down to reveal It was OK none of their colleagues had noticed I stepped out of the shower, enveloped with the scented tingling of warmth and as I turned toward the mirror, I felt the icy grip of fear caressing my spine Definitely different, clearer, brighter, even the air smells different Once upon a time there was a Butler with a limp A fleck of paint broke free from the satellite and headed off in space. I hate it when you bully me, man! Someone once told me that you can bring a person back to life just by remembering them. When a second moon rose in the sky that night, they had to admit they were lost. It was the scent that woke me. As she stood in Line, Anita's brain was working overtime, what was she going to tell the line manager when his bag-check revealed the teeth inside? Every day was the same work, eat, sleep and repeat, until one day, everything changed I knew exactly what would happen: Then it didn’t … She knew something was wrong when she looked at her baby for the first time, she just couldn’t love it. It was the worst of times, covid virus times. The train now approaching Platform 1 is not for passenger use; please do not attempt to board this train. Now she was certain that she was going to hell. When Brigid twisted her ankle and fell forward face down on the gravel, only she could see the tiny man tugging his right leg and only she could hear him calling out in his raspy voice, “Help me get my foot out of this hole!” Under the ledge where they sat, they could see rocks tumbling past them into the ancient water ahead. I was on a beach in Tahiti when the messages started coming on my phone: get home while you still can. When Becky opened the door, she saw a man, who looked very much like a builder, holding a broken tile in his hands. When children are young, there is a chasm that the imaginative ones do not see. When everything else fell away, only one truth remained. If it had been any other day, she would have missed it. Waking abruptly, I pulled my hands apart and felt the steel edge of the cuffs dig painfully into my wrists If you are reading this, don't stop here! He picked up his ukulele, put on his walking shoes and headed for the door; he didn’t pat his pockets down to check he had his keys. Louise hated it when people said she was just a librarian. I am writing this under duress, Captain Blackbeard is holding myself and my husband captive People assume I died four years ago. Honestly, I didn't mean to kill the president. You don’t realise why your heart races. Abigail was thirteen when she decided to learn to fly. You become the person you pretend to be. She put her life in her pocket, hoping never to let it fade Emily lived in her parents’ house; she’d been there fifty-two years now, writing in her little attic room. Carole wondered what it would be like describing her symptoms to a robot. The light path of unconscious tendencies accumulated by her intense desire. The casino was a delight, yet strange. After taking my chances on the slots, I savoured a free drink on the smoking terrace and wondered about all the spirit of joyous winnings and sour losses that these weird, pleasurable, dimly-lit and secretive denizens had witnessed It is a truth universally acknowledged that a best selling novel always begins with a brilliant first line.