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How to Join The Society of Authors

The Society of Authors (SoA) is the UK trade union for all types of writers, illustrators and literary translators, at all stages of their careers. They have been advising individuals and speaking out for the profession for more than a century.

Members receive unlimited free advice on all aspects of the profession, including confidential clause-by-clause contract vetting, and a wide range of exclusive offers.

They campaign and lobby on the issues that affect authors and hold a wide range of events across the UK.

The SoA also administers grants and prizes to support and celebrate authors at all stages of their careers.

They administer a number of literary estates, the income from which helps towards all their work.

Why Join?

Strengthen your career

  • Develop your craft at our professional workshops
  • Get specialist training on the business aspects of authorship
  • Negotiate better agreements with our free confidential contract vetting
  • Get individual guidance and advice on all aspects of your professional life, and help with disputes or concerns*

Meet other authors

  • Make friends for life at our bustling regular socials
  • Establish a network of professionals in the same boat as you
  • Share your career and creative concerns with people who understand

Make a difference

  • Support our campaigns for a fairer publishing industry
  • Make your voice heard in an increasingly difficult profession
  • Join the fight to save libraries, improve literacy and defend the arts

Are you eligable?

The SOA membership covers all sorts of writers, illustrators and literary translators at every stage of their careers. From journalists to webcomic artists, scriptwriters to bloggers, novelists to games writers, and translators to performance poets, our members work in a wide range of disciplines.

Career hasn’t yet taken off? Think you might benefit from our events, training and resources? Emerging writers who are serious about building a career can join as Associates for all the same benefits!

Check your eligibility below. If you have any queries, or if none of the below categories are quite right for you, email

What do they mean by ‘author’?

I plan to become a professional writer in the future

    • Taking a course of at least one academic year’s duration that will help you become an author? Student membership(Associate)
    • Otherwise working to develop a career as an author? Check the criteria below.

I’m a self-published or print-on-demand writer

I’m a freelance writer, blogger or journalist

I’m a writer with an agent but no publisher

I’m a writer with a publisher

I illustrate an online publication, zine or webcomic

I’m a freelance illustrator

I’m a traditionally-published illustrator

I’m a literary translator

I’m the owner or administrator of a deceased authors’ estate


Email the Membership Department or phone them on 020 7373 6642.

Information from: 20.12.2019. Information correct at the time of publication please visit the site for up to date details.