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Candle Lit Issue 1 – October 2022

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Candle Lit

A Pen to Print guest publication.

Good writing can never be limited to a specific group of people. Candle Lit’s magazine and online journal recognises this and, as a result, features high-quality literature from all over the world.

No matter where you are on the globe, please feel free to submit to CandleLit

(c) Shahema Tafader, 2023


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Candle Lit – Created by Shahema Tafader

Welcome, welcome to the first issue of our print magazine! I couldn’t be more excited to introduce the wonderful works  (and author interview) included inside. The standard of the creative pieces will make you feel like you’ve licked ice cream in the midst of a heatwave, though that might seem a little paradoxical for an issue themed unsettling.

Inside, you’ll witness the vastness that is human creativity; the many ways in which our contributors have interpreted the theme. We
have horror, both (slight) gore and psychological. We have the unsettling nature of human behaviour, and even a little paranormal
The highlight of our issue is the interview with published author, Ian Ayris. Ian specialises in Urban Fiction and represents, particularly well, the nature of the human condition in his writings. We’ll get to delve into his mind a little in this interview. For the budding writer, I’d especially recommend this section of the magazine.

Finally, I want to invite you to submit for our second issue (theme: Blue). Don’t just be a reader . . . see your work published as a
contributor! I hope to receive your work in my inbox soon, till then – happy reading!

(c) Shahema Tafader, 2022