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Issue 15: Home

Featuring: Jaspreet Kaur – discussing Sisterhood And Storytelling with Diya Padiyar Spotlight – Keeping It Local, Insight – Writers Helping Writers, with experts Howard Linskey and Clare Cooper The Big Debate – Social Media For Creatives, Friend Or Foe?

Write On! 16 out on April 26.

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Write On! 15 Out Now:

Themed: Home, this issue features an exclusive interview with the seminal Jaspreet Kaur: award-winning spoken word artist, history teacher and author of the bestselling Brown Girl Like Me
Sponsored by the Writers’ And Artists’ Yearbook, issue 15 also features:
Spotlight – How to find creative motivation on our doorsteps
Insight – Writers Helping Writers: Niema Bohrayba deploys Howard Linskey and Clare Cooper to help us understand how to best use real names and places in our writing, and navigate those pesky tenses.
The Big Debate – Social Media For Creatives, Friend or Foe?
Destination Barking And Dagenham – Why ‘home is where the heart is,’ in Barking And Dagenham.

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Issue 16, themed Contradictions: Everything Has Two Sides will be featuring an exclusive with John O’Farrell: author, playwright and screenwriter of hits such as Chicken Run. It comes out April 26.  This theme will also inform content for the digital Write On! Extra  (accessible through this website) and Write On! Audio. (This podcast can be accessed on all  major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. Just type pen to print into your browser. Alternatively, find us via our Anchor FM hosting site. You can hear the Jaspreet Kaur interview here.