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Issue 18:  Literary Passions And Guilty Pleasures

Featuring: Lavie Tidhar – discussing the power of ideas with Palak Tewary,  Spotlight – on ‘Dangerous Books,’ Insight – Writers Helping Writers, with experts Emma Styles and Madeleine White,  The Big Debate – Romance vs Erotica, Mary Walsh on  different shades of risqué writing.


Write On! 19 is out on December 12.

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Write On! 18 is out today: Themed Literary Passions And Guilty Pleasures this issue features an exclusive interview with Lavie Tidhar, the multi-award winning, multi-genre phenomenon, on Sci-Fi and the power of ideas. The writerly shape-shifter speaks to Palak Tewary about his latest bestseller, ‘Circumference Of The World’ offering up a kaleidoscope of ideas alongside good solid writing practice.

Sponsored by The Margate Bookie issue 18 also features:
Spotlight – Michelle Sutton and friends look at ‘Dangerous Books.’
Insight – Writers Helping Writers: Niema Bohrayba deploys Women’s Prize and Wilbur &Niso Smith Foundation’s Adventure Writing Prize shortlister, Emma Styles, to answer a question on genre while Editor Madeleine White shares perspective on the editing process.
The Big Debate – Mary Walsh explores how and where Erotica sits in the modern literary world.
The Showcase Pages – drawn from the online Write On! Extra and podcast Write On! Audio, the ‘Showcase’ pages feature wonderful contributions from our readers.

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Write On! 19, themed Reality And Perspectives, features acclaimed actor and author Paterson Joseph. Sponsored by Dialogue Books, it will be out 12 December. This theme will also inform content for the digital Write On! Extra  (accessible through this website) and Write On! Audio. (This podcast can be accessed on all  major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. Just type pen to print into your browser. Alternatively, find us via our Spotify Podcast hosting site.