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To Forests

by Alwyn Gornall I ran from the roar of life like a frightened beast, away from the hard-angled city, to hide under your petticoat and float in your stillness. Your silence wrapped me like a duvet spreading a warmth over me like a log fire.  I took the paths that demanded walking and fear, frustration and anger fell away like ...
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Where Moths Dance

by Sylvia Anne Telfer                                                 Dusk falls on Conor Boyle’s wake, calling a shake of moths to lamppost to dance in wonky rings, awry yo-yos in moonless night. What weary hobos with ...

A B.A.D. Borough

A B.A.D. BOROUGH by Gertcha Cowson I live in a B.A.D. borough, a B.A.D. borough I have grown to adore, it is a multi-cultural borough, mixed-raced to the core. I hear all the snooty remarks, spoken with their noses upturned, like our name provokes a rotten smell, akin to old shit that’s ready ...