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Candle Lit Issue 2 – 1 April 2023

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Candle Lit

A Pen to Print guest publication.

Good writing can never be limited to a specific group of people. CandleLit’s magazine and online journal recognises this and, as a result, features high-quality literature from all over the world.

No matter where you are on the globe, please feel free to submit to CandleLit

(c) Shahema Tafader, 2023


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Candle Lit

Created by Shahema Tafader

Blue is a fascinating colour, because not only can it represent calmness and positivity, it can represent the complete opposite. The works included in this issue tend to lean towards the latter. I think I should apologise, in advance, for you may find yourself feeling sadness and loneliness in reading most of the poetry and prose included.

For our writers and creatives, we have interviewed Annie McGee who is a recipient of the DYCP grant by the Arts Council. This grant is to help individuals pursue creative projects without having to worry about funding. Annie is using the fund to create her children’s picture

Finally, I’d like to invite all of our story-telling creatives to submit for our third issue, on the theme: scorching.

As before – happy (or sad) reading!

(c) Shahema Tafader, 2023