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Issue 19:  Reality And Perspectives

Featuring: Paterson Joseph  – discussing the power of history to shape the future with Thomas Nixon, Insight – Writers Helping Writers, with experts Gita Ralleigh and Millie Murray and in The Big Debate Claire Buss explores the importance of book reviews.


Write On! 20 is out on April 10

Discover More:  Write On! Extra and Write On! Audio.

Write On! 19 is out today: Themed ‘Reality And Perspectives’ this issue is jam-packed with writers and creatives who face a blank page everyday and yet are still able to curate a perspective of continual hope. Award-winning actor and author Paterson Joseph discusses the power of connecting history to modern perception with interviewer Thomas Nixon.

Sponsored by Dialogue this issue also features:
Spotlight – Michelle Sutton and friends look at the ‘ What If?’ of fiction.
Insight – Writers Helping Writers: Danny Baxter deploys Gita Ralleigh  and Millie Murray to answer reader questions.
The Big Debate – Claire Buss on the importance of book reviews.
The Showcase Pages – drawn from the online Write On! Extra and podcast Write On! Audio, the ‘Showcase’ pages feature wonderful contributions from our readers.

If you have poems, short stories, flash fiction, opinions, essays, and artwork to share, please submit via our Submit via our Submit To Write On! page.

For further information about Write On! Extra and submission guidelines please see our Editor’s Introduction.

Write On! 20, out on April 10, is themed ‘Beginnings And Endings’ and leads with stellar author, Kit De Waal. This theme will also inform content for the digital Write On! Extra (accessible through this website) and Write On! Audio. (This podcast can be accessed on all  major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. Just type pen to print into your browser. Alternatively, find us via our Spotify Podcast hosting site.