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Write On Interviews: Author Helen Aitchison

Write On! interviews author Helen Aitchison Helen is from Newcastle upon Tyne. She spent her career working in health and social care, before beginning to write in late 2019. Having never previously written, she couldn’t stop and has had around 20 small pieces published alongside novels. Helen's debut novel, The Dinner ...

Showcase: The Dinner Club + Rock God Complex + Inkcap & The Nethers + Inkcap & The Blight Of The Bonnets

By Mirabel Lavelle Welcome to the fourth November Showcase. This week we have three very different Northern writers: Dr Tracey Iceton, debut author Helen Aitchison and Kylie Dixon, illustrator and children’s writer. Helen Aitchison wrote The Dinner Club during lockdown and her talent for observing and writing about people’s behaviour is exquisite. The ...