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Friday Feature: My Journey To Podcasting

By Don Scoby How I Got Into Podcasting Writing On Whidbey Island started when talking with my friend and fellow author, Tom Trimbath. Somehow, one of our discussions about becoming audiobook narrators morphed into the idea of co-producing and hosting a writing-themed podcast. The pieces rather fit… Tom pointed out there ...

As A… Podcaster: Don Scoby + Tom Trimbath

This week Write On! speaks to US-based podcasters Don Scoby and Tom Trimbath, hosts of 'Writing On Whidbey Island'. During the summer of 2019, Tom Trimbath and Don Scoby – both residents of Whidbey Island and published authors – devised and launched the podcast 'Writing On Whidbey Island'. WO: How would you ...