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Happy New Year

By Claire Buss

Changing the year is always something I look forward to. I like the arbitrariness of going to bed in one year and waking up in another, just because numbers say so. I also enjoy thinking about what I’m going to conquer in this new fresh year, because, even if my ‘can-do’ attitude only lasts for a couple of weeks, it feels really good.

I’m not one for making New Year Resolutions but I do like to start a fresh To-Do list. I adore opening my new page-a-day diary to January 1st and writing with a new pen on that crisp white page. Admittedly, by the end of the year, I’ve succumbed to using the nearest Crayola and my writing is more of a scrawl, but that first page, that’s the good one.

This year, my smallest monster starts nursery. I will only be gaining two hours a morning, five days a week, but I have very high hopes that those ten hours will be the most incredibly productive ten hours ever. Already I have mental lists as long as my arm with all the things I’m going to be able to do. I think the bump back down to earth may be a little hard but, that, too is something I enjoy about the new year.

Dream big, reach for the sky, aim high, stretch yourself further than you ever have before and then, if you do bump back down, you get to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again. This time with a bit more padding!

Have a fantastic 2021. I hope it brings you joy, peace and a sense of fulfilment in whatever you resolve to do.


Happy New Year

The end of one and the beginning of another
You may look back with fondness or tears
But know that you are stronger in the end
It’s all growth and learning and change
And some of it might have been strange
There would have been hard times
There would have been laughter
It’s all in the past now
A new year stretches before you
A myriad of fresh opportunities
A time for you to take charge, take control
Be the you you’ve always wanted to be
A time to close the door on the bad
To forget old habits and ring the changes
Try what you never tried
Learn something new
Meet up with an old friend
Develop a new skill
There’s nothing stopping you
There never was
But you can use the new year as a reason
To step forward on a fresh foot
Wishing you all the joy
All the love and all the light
Happy happy happy new year

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Happy New Year!