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Thoughtful Tuesdays: Contradictions

By Eithne Cullen Welcome to my January 2023 ‘Thoughtful Tuesday’ page.  I hope the celebrations of Christmas and the New Year have left you rested and ready for whatever the future brings. It’s a funny feeling, seeing out the old year and greeting the new. We think of the old year as ...

Showcase: Snowed In + The Last Train Home + Dreams Have Jurisdictions Only Over Ourselves

By Julie Dexter Welcome to my final creative writing Showcase this December. I'd like to begin with this artwork, Dark Fantastic Sunworship, by Simon Pemberton. (c) Simon Pemberton, 2022 You can connect with Simon at his website: and follow him on Twitter: @pemberton_simon and Instagram: @pemberton.simon ***** In this startling short story, a warning reminder to collect ...