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Write On! Interviews: Hope Roberts

Write On! interviews writer Hope Roberts Hope is a retired practice nurse, writer, poet and encourager. She's passionate about healthy eating and healthy life and is very creative in everything she does: her writing, her homes, the way she dresses, in fact, all of her surroundings. WO: How would you describe your ...

Showcase: I Was But A Boy + Extract From The Midwife And Birth In The Maltese Community In The 20th Century +  Diabetes! + The Link Between Anxiety And Binge Eating

By Mirabel Lavelle This weekend, we commemorate Armistice Day, when at 11 am on the 11th day of the 11th month we remember those who lost their lives for the freedom of their homeland. Poppy wreaths are laid down in memory of each life extinguished. My first choice for today is a ...