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holocaust memorial day poem poetry write on showcase

Holocaust Memorial Day

by Philip Shamplina   Holocaust Memorial Day We stood in silence, nothing more to say Remembering what has happened in the past And the long shadow, it did cast   Gathered together with survivors Realizing what divides us Hatred for others who are seen as different Destruction is their bent   Not one person would they miss And not one trick did go ...
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by Dan Cross   Almost all eyes were facing forwards. My wife was on the stage. Her white skirt trembled in the draft of the old theatre. Her bare feet were flat against floorboards. She pulled her stocking-covered legs into her chest and rested her forehead against the tops of her knees. A ...
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Christmas Bizarre

by H. B. O'Neil   All families have traditions on Christmas Day, I assume so at least. Ours has always been Church-Graveyard-Pub-Home-Queen’s Speech-Dinner-Puddings-After Eight Mints-Sofa-Doctor Who-Tubs of Chocolate-Mince Pies-Sherry-Irish Coffee and Zzzzzs. All pleasant, predictable, calm and cosy enough. I certainly wasn’t expecting anything different this year. The turkey had arrived in a ...
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A Badger Christmas Carol: Part Two

by C H Clepitt & Claire Buss   READ PART ONE HERE   “Oh, go on then!” Fiona reached into the bag, unfolded a piece of paper and laughed.  “Oh, Bill.  Showing your academic roots with this one.  Everyone ready?” They all muttered agreement and she began.  “The fellow made his living by the ...
pen to print showcase write on Badger Christmas Carol Clepitt Buss

A Badger Christmas Carol: Part One

by C H Clepitt & Claire Buss   It was said that it was the death of his wife that made Michael McAllister hate the badgers. Her passing, complications from emphysema, cast a bleak cloud over Greenwood Farm. She was the one who used to care for the animals, not just the ...
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by Ann Dineen   I will top up and go, alight the iron horse that knows the way Shackles released, they gather at my feet, biding their time Speed past houses that get bigger, spaces between them grow greener Trees wave their branches in greeting as we rush on by   Step from the train, smell of ...
pen to print showcase write on poem poetry hboneill political appeal

Political Appeal

by H. B. O'Neill   I’m watching you An announced candidacy and a strong confident wave I’ve seen this show before A handshake with past party leaders and a practised smile as the camera pops I know exactly what you’re going to do A suitably-proud spouse and well-groomed kids carefully placed to strike a pose Assemble the pawns ...
write on pen to print words showcase


by Juneha Chowdhury   Words do not discriminate, Can come from anywhere. No limit to what words can create, Handled with due love and care. Those with great words will always find a way To reach, effect, to inspire. To lift, enhance and transform someone's day. Where there's words, there's passion, there's fire. Start with one and the rest will ...
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The List

by Anita Belli   I awake full of the joys of spring until I realise it is Monday. I rush to the bathroom and throw up. It goes downhill from there, really. Run to Camden tube. Jump on first train along with hundreds of stressed commuters, then realise: right direction; wrong branch. Change ...