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The Pen to Print Magazine is looking for Support

Brand new opportunity for Pen to Print comes in the form of a new quarterly magazine.

Pen to Print has ambitious plans to publish its own free magazine written by, and for local writers.

We are looking for articles, poems, short stories and features to include in the first issue due to be published in June.

The aim is to publish The Pen to Print magazine as a free online magazine on the Pen to Print website, you will also be able to pick up a free physical copy from local libraries.

Pen to Print is also looking for volunteers to work on its production with ideas for what to include in this and future editions, take photos, conduct interviews and contact potential advertisers.

The new periodical will have advertising space to help contribute towards the publication costs of the project.

To find out more contact the Pen to Print Team email

... free magazine written by and for local writers