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Thoughtful Tuesdays: Spring

by Eithne Cullen

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming”  Pablo Neruda  

Tuesday’s page is all about finding inspiration in words and thoughts and mindfulness. This weeks’ Write On! Extra theme is  From Head in the Clouds to Feet on the Ground, so to kick-start this very first Thoughtful Tuesday, I am using the reality of Spring and the new life and new growth we can see all around us, in order to help us make sense of a world that seems rather surreal at the moment. 

I’m always happy to see the magnolia tree in our garden wake up; for me it’s the first sign that Spring is here. There is a natural rhythm of things and, in this current chaos it’s great to see the birds, trees and flowers carrying on as normal. No matter what’s going on in our troubled world, nature just gets on with it and the planet is breathing easy for a while. Everywhere, people are out in their gardens: pruning and weeding, planting seeds (when they’ve got them) and getting everything straight for the summer ahead. It’s as though, the more we are being forced to go down the digital route to interact, the more we are needing to connect with what is growing and tangible. 

In this time of isolation, with many of us forced to stay at home, we’re doing the opposite of nature; we can take our time over things and can remember to be mindful – away from the care and anxiety outside our homes. 

Nesting by Maire Buonocore reminds us about the wonders of nature as Spring draws near, I love the way it gives a sense of urgency for the birds to make their nests and start their families

Midst the mire, pond irises and reeds
In and out, the tiny warbler speeds,
Not here, not there – oh heaven, show you care –
Diving, frantic searching, everywhere,
For female’s eggs lie heavy in her womb.
Unless they nest she may become their tomb.
Look, oasis! Clear water in a tiny space.
No human interfering with this place.

Easy seedlings growing by a pond, and a thousand footfalls run about beyond.
School’s small `Nature` for us must be the best,
Somewhere safe where we can build our nest?

As we’ve established, we are in the season of regrowth and rebirth. However, in these times, with so many of us forced to stay at homewe are being driven to explore our own health and wellbeing in very new ways. For example, digital channels are filled with home workouts and health and fitness guru Joe Wicks is fast becoming our popular hero. I particularly like the way people are putting exercise into their daily routine.  In fact, in this time of self-isolation we are seeing a perfect crop of new habits spring into being. Leighton Andrews sent me this little  haiku about his breakfast workout which made me smile:  

The new routine.
Step-ups while the kettle boils.
Squats while the tea brews.
Lunges while the porridge cools. 

And a final thought from Lynda Shepherd, who shares her Morning Tweet! with us, summing up the possibilities of spreading the joys of spring in the morning as we start the day.  

‘Twitter, tweet, chirp, the birds are all a-chatter. No different to me, no different to you as a fellow commuter strolls by. Screens lit; fingers and booted feet in synchronized morning dance.

On the move, sharing news and sharing views. Tweet, twitter, weekday motivation, latest news, politics and reality stars. Sharing the good, sharing the bad, making an impact, make a pact do not attack. Be careful how you act. We think we know so much, but sometimes so little. Read all, hear all, but sometimes we should not say it all. So as we make a start, communicate from the head and the heart. Do not cause tears; cause a grin from ear to ear with your morning tweet.’ 

Please do get in touch if you’d like to share something you think will lead us through these unprecedented times. Next week, I’ll be exploring ideas around how and why coming together with common purpose is so important.   

And, in the words of L.M. Montgomery: That is one good thing about this world … There are always sure to be more springs.

I look forward to hearing from you!

In this time of isolation, with many of us forced to stay at home, we’re doing the opposite of nature; we can take our time over things and can remember to be mindful - away from the care and anxiety outside our homes.