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Write On! Interviews: Poet Kane Corvus

Write On! interviews poet Kane Corvus

Kane says: “My name is Kane, I’m a Derby based spoken word performer, I write pieces inspired by personal experience, nature and the world that surrounds me.

My highlights are every gig I get to do, the books I release. I’ve toured Europe several times, performing at open air festivals in Germany and gigging in over 18 countries. I’ve also performed at the Edinburgh Fringe.

WO: How would you describe your writing to someone new to it?

KC: Dark positive, inspired by nature, my life experiences and the things that touch me the most.

WO: Can you tell us a bit about your latest book, Kane Speaks – Written?

KC:  This essentially contains my newest pieces; the ones I feel are the strongest.

WO: What inspired you to write in the first place, and what inspires you now?

KC: It was listening to bands and the way their lyrics made me feel. The first piece of poetry that really made me pay attention to poetry was Wilfred Owens – Dulce Et Decorum Est.

WO: The current issue of Write On! explores the theme of ‘Realities And Perspectives’. With that in mind, we have two questions for you. Do you always write realistically, or aim for alternative realities? Can you always confidently write from someone else’s perspective?

KC: I really just write how I feel at the time and when I’m inspired. I’ve been doing this for so long, the foundation of my style developed a long time ago. It still grows and evolves, but not with anything particular in mind. I get a line for a piece and then it all flows from there. I cover a broad spectrum of subjects.

WO: What one piece of advice would you give an aspiring writer?

KC: Read, listen and watch as many different people as possible.

WO: Question from Twitter user: @lisalovebooksx Do you enjoy performing your poetry? How do you deal with nerves?

KC: Gigging live is as important to me as writing. The writing is to perform live. Ha! I don’t wear shoes on stage, it stops the pre-gig nerves beforehand. Otherwise, I’d be in the loos over and over. I’ve been the same for 20 years! Some people may think it looks pretentious, but it’s practical and functional. Plus, I like it and I’m more comfortable that way!

WO: Can you tell us anything about future projects?

KC: My new book came out in November and I have a chapbook out on backroom poetry coming out in April. I had a UK tour November/December 2023 and I will continue to gig consistently, non-stop.

WO: Lastly, if you could choose one fictional animal/creature to be a pet or companion, who would it be and why?

KC: I have a horse, a chestnut mare showjumper in real life and she’s my best friend in the world so… it would be a horse that could talk to me!

You can connect with Kane here: and on Facebook: kanespokenword and Instagram: @kanecorvus


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I get a line for a piece and then it all flows from there. I cover a broad spectrum of subjects.