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Write On! Showcase.

In these challenging times, it is our aim to galvanise writers and ordinary people to come together around things that matter to them. With this in mind, the Write On! Extra Showcase highlights wonderful writing, while also demonstrating how the power of creativity can positively influence people’s lives across different communities.

From February, our Showcase will be run by rolling editors. With the support of Dan Cross (original Showcase Editor and a Write On! associate editor), monthly editors will be picking out from the wonderful  creative writing submissions you send us! We are on the look out for poetry, short stories, flash fiction and script and book extracts. 
Submissions should be no longer than 2000 words and, if possible, fit the themes, as announced on the home page in The Editor’s Introduction. Please submit any images you have permission to use and that illustrate your work. Write On! Extra also accepts video or audio content. Do include contact details and any relevant social media IDs, such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. See below for further submission details.
If you have any questions or ideas, please get in touch with or our Editor, Madeleine White on Insta/Twitter: @madeleinefwhite
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