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Pen to Print: Meet Local Children’s Author Nicholas Kasparis


May 30


02:30 pm - 03:30 pm

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Pen to Print

Reading and Writing Workshop with Local Children’s Author Nicholas Kasparis

Please note this is a location based event at Dagenham Library

NB: Ideal for children aged between 7-12 years old

Join local children’s author, Nicholas Kasparis for a reading and writing workshop

Nicholas Kasparis will be discussing his writing journey and influences, followed by reading from his latest book, Ralph and Robort.

The session will also include writing activities where children would imagine they are the main character, Ralph and they are being bullied. They would write a diary account including the main events, how they are feeling, and who they could talk to. Children would also need to include the main features of a diary, such as first person, chronological events, and past tense.

The main aim of this session is to encourage and promote the love for reading and there would be an opportunity for parents to purchase a signed copy of the book.

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Nicholas Kasparis is primary school teacher and has been teaching for the past 20 years. The job has given him the time and flexibility to fulfil his passion for writing. Nicholas writes fiction for children aged 7-11. Career highlights have included appearing on local radio stations (Time FM and Phoenix FM). Nicholas has also enjoyed author visits to local schools and the Chicken And Frog bookshop in Brentwood.

Read Write On! Interview with Nicholas:

Read the first chapter of Ralph and Robort for free online

You can connect with Nicholas Kasparis on Instagram: @nicholas.1710

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