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Pen to Print Awards 19

Pen to Print Awards 2019 – Winners Presented with Awards

We are happy to announce this year’s winners of the Pen to Print Competitions for 2019.
At the Awards ceremony on 27 June 2019 at Barking Learning Centre we were thrilled to welcome our Patron Martina Cole who presented the winners with their prizes.

Poetry Award

Sylvia Anne Telfer with Where Moths Dance

Second Place
Demi Whitnell with Ode to My Country Boy

Third Place
Sasha Callaghan with Tamesis

Pen to Print Poetry Winners
Pen to Print Poetry Winners.
Photo JImmy Lee

Short Story Award

Matthew Wixey with Michael Says Goodnight

Second Place
Tomas Beranek with Exhibition

Third Place
Phillip Carter with Back and White Stripes

Highly Commended
Brian Thompson with Eleven
Holly Wills with Strings on Me

Pen to Print Short Story Winners
Pen to Print Short Story Winners
Picture Jimmy Lee

Playwriting Award

Tom Mellor with Tidal Wave

Nick Maynard with The Niqab
Ophelia Reid with The Hitwomen of Highbury
William Patterson with Recruits
Jack Alan Lawrence with I Will Not Eat My Peas
Matthew Wixey with Shotgunned

Pen to Print Playwritting Winners
Pen to Print Playwriting Winners
Picture Jimmy Lee

The Book Challenge Shortlisted Books

Gurjit Singh with Bones
Nick Maynard with Cripple
Josephine Channer with Holloway: Prison Diaries
Elaine Hiller with The Cursed Shore
Agnieszka Dryjas-Makhloufi with The Journey of Seagulls
Nat Jordan with Nest Egg
Dami Edun with OgMan The Birth of a New King
Dagmara Julia Drozdowska with The City of Runes: Devine Your Future

Pen to Print Book Challenge Shortlisted Writers
Pen to Print Book Challenge Shortlisted Writers
Photo Jimmy Lee


To read the winning Poetry and Short Stories go to our Write On! Showcase page.

The winning plays will be on our Films and Podcasts page.

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