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Write On Interviews: Sisterhood And Storytelling – Diya Padiyar Explores Being Seen And Unseen With Jaspreet Kaur

Sisterhood And Storytelling: Diya Padiyar explores being seen and unseen with Jaspreet Kaur. As a teenage girl growing up in a fast-paced Westernised world, I often question where I belong. Despite roots in Goa going back generations, my ideas don’t seem to align with the ‘traditional mainstream’ in my country any more. ...

Write On! Issue 15 OUT TODAY

Write On! 15 is out today: Themed Home, this issue features an exclusive interview with the seminal Jaspreet Kaur – award-winning spoken word artist, history teacher and author of the bestselling Brown Girl Like Me. She is interviewed by Goan teen, Diya Padiyar. The resulting discussion makes for a truly ...