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Thoughtful Tuesdays: Beginnings And Endings

By Eithne Cullen It’s great to be starting the New Year with the theme of Beginnings And Endings, and my January page is, naturally, looking at beginnings. Some of you may know I love a quiz. There’s a round I particularly like to show off in and that’s the opening lines of ...

Showcase: We Rise + Be Anything + How We Are Changed + Sunday Walkers

By Palak Tewary Dear Readers, Today is International Women’s Day – and our theme is #EmbraceEquity. Equity is not just about equal opportunities, it's about inclusivity, calling out bias, driving change, belonging and forging unity. Embracing this theme, here are some powerful words from our contributors, seeking to impact positive change. Keep supporting! Palak Lilana Hristova’s ...