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Thursday Connectors: All Things Spooky

by Farzana Hakim Hello! It's Farzana, here; the horridly gruesome host of this thought-provoking, goosebump-causing, hair raising Halloween special 'Thursday Connectors'. I’m not really horrid, nor am I gruesome, but I am hoping to scare you a little as I make special connections with writer folk from The Bahamas, Brazil and Lahore ...

Thursday Connectors: From Dagenham to the Bahamas

by Farzana Hakim  Hi all! I’m checking in from my home in Dagenham because that's where I’m doing the lockdown, with my three kids and husband. No other place for it really; our safe haven, within the blossoming, suburbs of Greater London. And to let you all in on a secret, I’m trying my absolute best to connect with you on this nothing out of the ordinary grey sky day, with my nose and mouth covered with a flowery, pink, tasseled bandana. ...