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Showcase: Life’s Vessel + Wizard Beano And Pals + Daydreams + In Command + Changing The World With A Voice + Insecure Voices + Just Sit With Me + The Draw Of The Souk

By Mirabel Lavelle Welcome. I've just returned from the Hay Festival, where I spoke on the Write On! panel about co-creation and my experience of it through this magazine and Pen to Print. I'm ending this Showcase with a poem I wrote while in Wales, inspired by the very hot weather ...

Showcase: Blissful Wistful + I Want Your Sandwich

By Amelia Page When you listen closely enough, you'll realise voices are all around us. In our everyday lives, we hear many different external voices, as well as internal ones. Some people use their voices powerfully, to speak out and make a difference, while others don’t speak enough. The pieces of work ...