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Showcase: Blissful Wistful + I Want Your Sandwich

By Amelia Page

When you listen closely enough, you’ll realise voices are all around us. In our everyday lives, we hear many different external voices, as well as internal ones. Some people use their voices powerfully, to speak out and make a difference, while others don’t speak enough.

The pieces of work I’ve selected for this Showcase portray voices in different forms: from internal ones to the voices of those around us. I’m sure many readers will relate to the sense of emotion these poems evoke; sad or happy.

I’d like to start with a poem by Katelyn Bowers.

Blissful Wistful

The mountains feel wide open,
Former gods guide us on
Out the window, sun-soaked in
Our last taste of white before the pink

On the floor of our old home,
With the lights off watching
Our choreographed fights unfurl.
Now in green and red and blue.

I offer up my heart every time
To never expect the killer.
Would it be better to seal myself up?
Or to grin and bear it all?

“Anyway, don’t be a stranger.”
To unread letters. To put it all behind.
Just to put it away again,
Some other time.

© Katelyn Bowers, 2023

Authors note: Blissful Wistful is a poem about losing touch with someone who once meant so much.


The final piece I would like to introduce to you is I Want Your Sandwich, written by Claire Buss. This poem portrays the voices of a child.

I Want Your Sandwich

Hey Mum Mum
What you got?
It looks much more interesting then what’s on my plate
I say ta

Hey Mum Mum
I don’t like mine
It’s not the same, I know it’s not
I say ta

HEY! Mum Mum
You’re not listening to me
I want what you’ve got, I don’t want mine
I say ta

Mum Mum
Mum Mum
Mum Mum
Mum Mum

I just want your sandwich
Look I threw mine on the floor
It’s no good anymore
I said ta

Thank you Mum Mum
Love you

© Claire Buss, 2019


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