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Dagenham Children’s Library Relaunch

A day of meeting children's authors, storytelling, signed books & hands-on crafts workshops. Last year, Dagenham Children's Library underwent a major transformation. New shelving, new cosy colours and new spaces to sit and immerse yourself in a story were installed. But given certain circumstances, the opportunity to reveal this renovation was ...
despair zoe neirizi poem resilience write on showcase

Showcase: Resilience + Airport

Hello, everyone! I hope you are all coping well given the circumstances. If it makes you feel any better, we are back in lockdown across the Atlantic in Colombia, as well. You'd think with all this time at home I'd have made a bigger dent in my TBR (to be read) ...
veldt hunter tony durrant showcase write on

Showcase: Veldt Hunter

Hello, Readers!   Next week is our last week before our Christmas hiatus, when I will share a couple of charming short stories to get you in the mood for the Christmas festivities and help you to feel hope and optimism for the year to come. But first, I want to start to ...
write on showcase joe totten the law of capture novel

Showcase: The Law of Capture

Hello, Readers!   This week, we return to the novel extracts of the shortlistees of the 2020 Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize (Best Unpublished Manuscript). My thanks again to each of the authors who have shared their extracts with Write On! Up next is Joe Totten and his exciting 19th-century Western, The Law ...
juneha chowdhury passport to live write on showcase

Showcase: Passport To Live

I spoiled you with three entries last week, so just the one entry today—but it's a long one and a compelling and titillating read! The Book Challenge is Pen to Print's premier competition for authors. Selected entrants are rewarded with a mentorship to help them write and develop a novel over ...
write on showcase gail kirkpatrick sleepers and ties novel wilbur smith award

Showcase: Sleepers and Ties

Readers, you're in luck! I have a real treat to share with you this week, and, for our UK audience, one to keep you entertained if a new lockdown has been imposed in your area (at the time of writing, the country is awaiting an announcement from the government). Regular readers ...