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return to cornwall banner laura briggs write on showcase

Showcase: Return to Cornwall + Collective Effort

Boy, we sure are lucky here at Pen to Print. Not only are we Write On! editors privy to superb creative poetry and stories that our generous and talented readers contribute (that's you!), but we're also able to showcase the brilliant and varied writing of published novelists. As Write On! ...
autumn days Mabel Joshua-Amadi showcase write on

Showcase: Autumn Days + The Theme Tune To My Life

This week at Write On!, we are celebrating the beginning of Black History Month. As a magazine that defines itself by providing support and a platform to writers and creatives of all backgrounds and communities, we are fortunate to be spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting masterpieces by ...
felix the cat roy merchant extract write on showcase

Showcase: Felix The Cat + Shine

A few weeks ago, I briefly mentioned the advantages of being in a writers' group and how it can help an author to be inspired and develop their talent. So, I am extremely proud to feature an extract of a project by Roy Merchant, a member of the 'Write Next ...
day trip norma armand showcase write on short story

Showcase: Day Trip + Different Eyes Need Different Views

Resilience is the capacity to cope with and recover from difficult circumstances. But it doesn't necessarily mean remaining unchanged. It can mean having the fortitude to resist anticipated or actual negativity, or it can mean adapting to circumstances to find a more positive way forward. We creatives, for example, are all ...
tricia wadsworth wartime showcase write on!

Showcase: Wartime + It’s A Dog’s Life

Our theme this week is 'Finding Your Balance', which will mean something unique to each of us. The world is a big, beautiful and chaotic place and balancing our many and varied responsibilities and desires to discover a centre that allows us to feel as though we’re in control of ...
the tunnel write on showcase

Showcase: The Tunnel + Sustainable Olympics 2020

Our theme this week is 'Many Faces, Many Masks', and the first piece to feature on 'Showcase' encapsulates this perfectly; not just what it means to carry ourselves differently in various scenarios and companies, but also why we create these masks for ourselves in the first place. This anonymous submission ...