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Write On! Audio April: Out Now

Write On! Audio: Storytelling From East London To The World – Episode Eight

Write On! Audio is the podcast from Pen to Print for writers who are serious about their writing. Taking the best bits from Write On! Magazine and Write On! Extra, we bring you writing tips, features, interviews and excerpts from the work of our contributors and guests. Most importantly, though, if you’re a writer, poet or dramatist, published or not, we want to hear from you so we can share your words and your unique voice on our podcast. Search for Pen to Print in your favourite podcast app to listen and subscribe. This is the direct web link.

The April  episode includes:

  • A poem from Lauren Michelle
  • The Editor’s introduction by Madeleine White
  • Writing Tips from Stewart Ross
  • An interview with Daljt Nagra (Daljit was in conversation with Juneha Chowdhury)
  • The April showcase; selected by Blessings and Manusha from ‘Write Back’ featuring:
    • Chameleon by Toki read by Holly Skinner
    • Unwanted Noise by Emanuel Oreyeni read by the author
    •  Period by Hazel read by Holly Skinner
  •  Listener Contribution featuring poems by young Maltese poet, Nicole Piscopo


The May edition of Write On! Audio will be released on 31 May and we have lots of exciting content coming up. Please do subscribe, by searching for Pen to Print in your favourite podcast app to hear it. Our fabulous line up includes two household name authors: an interview with Jane Corry and the Writing Tips come from Erin Kelly

Why not challenge yourself to create something for us? We’re actively looking for new contributors to our podcast and the Listener’s Contributor Slot is open for submissions.

Please follow our submission guidelines, ensuring that any recorded material is submitted via our Submissions Page or sent to by 10  of each month. (For more information on our themes etc see the Editor’s Introduction, and you can find the T&Cs here.)  If a larger slot seems too daunting, we’d love to hear from you with some ‘Inspirational Moments.’ Do let us know with a short recording, prose or poetry what you are looking forward to.

With each new podcast coming out on the last Tuesday of the month,  we are able to  share material that has been featured in Write On! Extra, while also looking forward to showcasing up-and-coming ideas and events that might interest you. We hope you enjoy this episode of Write On! Audio and do continue to listen, engage and make sure you get in touch with your opinions and ideas. Of course, if you subscribe, you’ll be the first to be notified when a new episode is released.

You can find us on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Podchaser and many more. Just type pen to print into your browser and look for our logo. Alternatively, find us via our Anchor FM hosting site, which links you to our content on a variety of podcast platforms.