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Write On! Issue 13 OUT TODAY

Write On! Issue 13

Write On! 13 is out today! The theme of Mind Your Language: Words And How We Use Them explores how we make what we have to say count, by using our words in person and on the page. Edition highlights include Farzana Hakim’s conversation with Patrice Lawrence MBE, London-based activist, campaigner and YA author extraordinaire.

We also see the University of Derby’s Charlotte Simms arguing for greater self-censorship in the Big Debate. Features from ‘Create London’ on the Barking and Dagenham Street Furniture project – as well as columnist H.B O’Neill explaining the cultural significance of supporting the right football team – maintain the ‘Local Flavour,’ while Michelle Sutton’s piece on podcasting shows writers and creatives how to make the most of the emerging audio scene in a wider, digital world.

Our second eight-page ‘Special’ features more competition winners from the Libraries Unlimited ‘What If YOU Spoke?’ Competition, with a couple of these extraordinary young people joining our merry band of Write On! writers. Issue 13 is also sponsored by Libraries Unlimited. We meet with Lucy Banks, the Reading Development Manager of the independent charity that runs 50 libraries across Devon, who tells us why literacy and libraries are inseparable.

This printed edition continues to be inspired by work featured in the online Write On! Extra and podcast Write On! Audio.

Write On! 14, themed Worlds Apart, comes out on September 14 and will feature and exclusive interview with literary giant Louis de Bernières by our Thoughtful Tuesday page editor, Eithne Cullen. SEE ISSUE 13 HERE.

Launched in April 2019, Arts Council England Library NPO (National Portfolio Organisation) Pen to Print’s Write On! continues to reach new readers – all united by a desire to come together beyond boundaries of geography, culture and expectations. Created by and for writers, Write On! is available through libraries in Devon, east London and Essex as well as digitally. Increasingly, we are sharing the printed magazine with writers from across the UK who are asking for copies for their writing groups and local bookstores.

Pen to Print is part of Barking and Dagenham Libraries which means the ethos of the organisation is founded on promoting an inclusive community spirit. Due to the reach or our publications, which includes Write On! Audio and Write On! Extra in the digital sphere, we are able to connect beyond of our place of origin to create wider ripple effects. We are therefore delighted that has encouraged over 80,000 users from 196 countries to respond to the ideals of engagement transparency, connection and inclusion.

A Call to Action:

In keeping with Pen to Print’s vision that everybody should have the chance to tell their story and so, inspire potential in others, we welcome new writing and ideas from London, the UK and internationally. Issue 14 themed Worlds Apart, will feature an exclusive interview with literary giant Louis de Bernières. The theme will also inform content for the digital Write On! Extra (accessible through and podcast Write On! Audio (on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. Just type Pen to Print into your browser. Alternatively, find us via our Anchor FM hosting site).

    1. For up-to-date editorial information, including how to submit to the Write On! suite of publications, including audio, see: The Editor’s Introduction.
    2. Partnerships: Write On! has already facilitated partnerships and co-operation with All Stories, Bloomsbury, Penguin, the Wilbur and Niso Smith Foundation, Write Back UK, the Curtis Brown Agency, Margate Bookie, University of Derby, first Church University Canterbury, The Romantic Novelist Association (RNA), the Alternative Stories and Fake Realities Podcast, The Turner Contemporary, Libraries Unlimited (Devon), The London Library, Becontree Broadcasting Station and the Barking and Dagenham Talking Newspaper (making Write On! available in a spoken form) many others are currently being explored. If you would like to discuss ideas, please do get in touch at:
    3. To advertise online or in the next issue please see our newly launch Write On! Together magazine, with demographics, testimonials and lots of information as to how to get involved as a sponsor, advertiser, volunteer and creative.