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Regular Classes and Workshops are Going Online Please Book Your Places

Our Regular Classes and Workshops are Going Online

We would love it if you would continue to take part we know there are only one or two sessions left of this year’s regular programme however there are few things we hope you can do, to help us, help you. 

Booking is very important for us to be able to control the number of people attending a session.

  1. Ensure you book places for the remaining sessions via our Eventbrite platform you can access this the replacement online sessions will be available from tomorrow Friday 22 May at 1pm.

All relevant Microsoft Teams live class links and Google Classroom codes will be sent to you once you are booked onto a session.

(Anyone already booked for a venue session should be getting emails advising them that these sessions have been cancelled and giving them the links to enable them to rebook for the replacement online session from Friday 22 May at 1pm, should they wish attend the online session instead.)

To avoid disappointment please book as soon as possible, for each session and for ALL the individual dates you would like to access. As our sessions are open to the public anyone can book. Sessions are proving very popular as people are looking to learn new skills during lockdown so ‘sell out’ fast! (These session are still FREE.)

  1. We urge you to sign up for our newsletters
  2. Please regularly check our website for updates to make sure you get the latest news.

The new Pen to Print programme will be announced in July and booking will commence from then.

Meanwhile, we are starting to advertise a Summer programme of events including our first ‘Virtual’ Book Club on 12 June at 1pm there will also be some short online courses which are going to be available to book shortly.

We are frantically making arrangements to take ReadFest online in September and will announce the revised programme in August so you can go crazy booking for that too!

If you have any questions or are having any issues booking places or accessing Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom etc, please do email us and we will do our best to assist.

Taking all of our programming and activities online has been a very complex task and a very steep learning curve for us, so can I thank you for your support and patience.

We hope you enjoy our new online offer.

...things we hope you can do, to help us, help you.