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Friday Features: What A ReadFest!

By Lena Smith and Lisa Rouiller Alongside the publication of our TENTH issue of Write On! Magazine on 15 September, Online ReadFest 202, was held between 6 and 24 September. Our TENTH Barking & Dagenham book festival, ReadFest is our celebration of literature, normally held in our local libraries. This year’s ReadFest ...

Online ReadFest 2021 is Almost Here! – 10 Years of Reading Pleasure

Monday 6 September to Friday 24 September. Coming soon our 10th FREE literary festival! Supporting Pen to Print’s theme this year, Curated by Us we are delighted to showcase writers from both Barking and Dagenham and further afield inspired by the writing and reading communities we support. This amazing festival provides a ...

The Origin Of Pen To Print

While the Write On! team take a well-deserved festive break, we will still be sharing every day with pages from issue 6 of the magazine. Today's page is our feature about The Origin of Pen to Print. Read the latest issue of Write On! magazine online.
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Pipers, Puppets and Pierrots

by Eithne Cullen ReadFest event: Poetry at the Archive Our visit to the Archive and Study centre at Valence House was on a fine, quiet Friday. Led by Anna Robinson, a group of Pen to Print poets looked into some local history to find inspiration for our poems. The archivist had put out ...

ReadFest is Almost Here!

Monday 9 September and Friday 27 September. Coming to Barking and Dagenham Libraries in Spetember is our 8th FREE literary festival! Supporting Pen to Print’s theme this year, International Storytelling, we are delighted to showcase multinational writers, all based in the UK. This is a wonderful festival which  provides a great opportunity ...