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Write On! Bumper Issue, Digital and Print Out Wednesday 28th October

Write On! 6 Is OUT TODAY And  Available here

An exclusive interview with global fantasy icon Ben Aaronovitch sits at the Centre of a Write On! Bumper edition.

We are delighted that Issue Six will see us moving into print again. Based on writing and artwork drawn from Write On! Extra Season Two, it is themed ‘A Kaleidoscope Of Colours’ and forms part of a 48 page ‘Bumper Print Magazine’ that includes issues Four and Five.

Write On! Extra, the online daily digest, was launched in early April. It has been a vehicle that has allowed writers from the local community to share experiences, encouraging other writers to reciprocate with their own. Issue Six draws from the voices that have turned Write On! Extra, our digital daily digest for these unprecedented times, into a must-read for thousands of users from Barking and Dagenham, the UK and 120 other countries across the world.

Our new Write On! Extra season starts on 1st November. Themed around ’Hope’, we will continue to publish four features a week. Regulars will be ‘The Showcase’, on Wednesday, ‘Features ‘on Friday and the ‘Interviews’ on Sundays. Additionally, one of ‘Monday Moments’, ‘Tuesday Thoughts’, ‘Thursday Connectors’ and ‘Saturday Spotlight’ will feature on a weekly basis. We are also launching ‘Writer Of The Month’ from November, kicking off with local poet and historical fiction writer Pasty Middleton on 25th of November.

Published end of January 2021, Write On! Seven will be in its pre-COVID format, with regulars including ‘Spotlight’ and ‘The Big Debate’ returning to their normal spots. It will be the culmination of our ‘Hope’ theme and Mark Haddon – the Whitbread, Dolly Gray Children’s Literature, Guardian and Commonwealth Writers Prize – award-winner featuring as our lead interview and cover star.

We welcome contributions, treasuring new writing and ideas. We also welcome partnership discussions with organisations wishing to contribute, so the voices of their beneficiaries and teams can be heard:

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